iCREATORZ feel it’s pleasure to extend its volunteer activities towards societal activities as its responsibilities and very strongly campaign for e-waste management and its recycling across the globe. We share platform with NGO’s like VICAS for this noble cause.

If you take an initiative from your side to voluntary join this pristine movement of “Waste? Is no more waste” by iCREATORZ towards society and spread this golden message after going through this page then we will surely feel encouraged.



WASTE? iS no more WASTE!


In this Universe, there is nothing called as waste. Its just  our perspective to look at it. For the cause we have to open the close doors of minds to let the entry of creativity and innovation. Here we would like to remind that two negative signs make a positive sign when combined together. The main objective of this activity is to inspire the participants and send a strong message to the society for changing their views towards Waste, take some responsibility, apply some creativity for being instrumental towards the development of the society.

Now you must be asking question from yourself,  “ What creative can be done with waste?” But dear, the creative and innovative mindset blended with technical and scientific temperament along with strong will to serve the society is well enough to cook the right mix of the recipe that will cater to a large number of common man.


The beautiful Rock Garden in Chandigarh is an exemplary indigenous project in existence for decades. We are participating in one such activity and planning for the same as we are also a part of the same system ato some extent. With the advent of technology and various new products from across numerous categories, the volume of waste of all kinds has flooded our society. It is indeed a challenge as well as an opportunity for all creative minds to find long term sustainable solutions.


Fuse electronic components (e-waste/ semiconductors) and plastics are considered as wastes which cannot be recycled and they don’t get degraded. My question is why can’t we may change this from the conventional ways of disposing them by adding some creativity and innovation like using e-wastes for decorating pots, if we break it down into various sections then trainers can easily visualize budding technocrats about their technical aspects, durability of plastics helps in developing rough and tough educational kits, etc. and there can be much more apart from these. But I would not like to limit your thoughts in a boundary. This indeed is intended to inspire and guide your enormous energy into a channelize path with a feel i.e. “waste is not waste.”


We hold seminars and workshops to give a live hands on experience of activities, demonstrations, discussions and can give wings to their thoughts when they see the working models, kits, along with their application, impact and their role, by transforming waste into a meaningful and significant item. The waste is only waste if we consider it waste.

Center of attraction during seminars and workshops are as follows:

  • Remote control submarine made from plastic water/ cold drink bottles
  • USB LED torch made from waste stationary and non functional computer mouse & keyboard
  • Analog soil moisture sensor developed using aluminium rod used for holding curtains
  • Decorative flower pot made from using fuse electronic components, etc.

Click here to download presentation on: Waste. No More Waste

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