iLock can be used in academic cell of institutes, BPO or in any department where security of data is must and authority of access is limited or to make the lab eco-friendly by avoiding the use of paper and ensure that there is no manipulation in the entry of data related to login/ logoff and prevents from unauthorized access of any individual.


    • Smart Card/ RF Card based
    • Starts and Shutdown with authentication
    • Maintains login/ Logoff records
    • On power cut/ shut down of machine due to power loss maintains records with comment
    • In case of more than three wrong attempts to login machine raise alarm and/ or call the concerned authority by calling on registered phone/ cellphone number
    • Ensures machine is not left unattended when ON. If so then marks comments against concerned user*
    • No manipulation with the log in/log off data entry
    • To make sure that highly secured data containing system is not left unattended for a long duration so that mischievous and destructive mind persons may not take benefit of it
    • If there is any irregularity in data stored on pc is found than the real culprit can be traced
    • Less efficient and less skilled administrator is required
    • No paper work is required hence it’s a totally eco-friendly system
    • Minimizes and regulates the wastage of power energy
    • User friendly and easy to operate
    • Interactive software as well as device with user support and help

*In case machine is left unattended by user or user wants a short break off his/her duty then with necessary comments in records monitor and/ or both (monitor and CPU) will be switched OFF




A multipurpose product for typical Indian society. It is a cooler cum fridge with the ability of purifying contaminated water filled inside it and the rain water collected by itself which are used for various purpose like drinking filling the tank of the cooler irrigating plants use as a distill water in batteries etc in the iChill the water is circulated in the panes even when the motor is switched off and moisture is maintained in it even in high temperatures. One can also store food stuffs in cold temperature inside the iChill. The best about iChill is that it is eco friendly easy to operate handle and is cost effective.


    • Eco-friendly
    • Easy to operate
    • Can be handled by children (above 7 years of age)
    • Works as cooler for a room cum fridge as it provides chilled drinking water (max. capacity 5 l)
    • Ability to purify contaminated water (except impurities like removal of E-coli), which is fit for drinking purpose
    • Can collect rain water of its own and after proper purification process it can be used for drinking purpose, providing moisture to panes at three sides of iChill, for irrigating plants and as a distilled water for batteries
    • Can circulate water in the panes of the iChill even when there is a power cut.
    • Space to store food stuffs in cold temperature Moisture will be maintained in the panes even in the high temperature
    • Cost effective
    • Covers less space


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