We take project inquiries very seriously; we value your time that much. Our evaluation process has an essential reliance on three factors. The more information we have up front the better we’re able to serve you.

Before diving into the project details, it’s important that we have a good understanding of your timeline. 

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Before diving into the project details, it's important that we have a good understanding of your timeline. This will help us ensure that our current schedule will accommodate your needs.

We're here to serve you. In order to do that effectively, we need to know everything you know about your project. It may sound like a tall order, but a detailed scope of work is necessary from the start. The information we’re looking for can be broken down into two documents:

A simple, hierarchical outline view of the project as a whole

Based on the sitemap, a sentence or two outlining the content for each page


When it comes to a new Web project, the sky's the limit. We need to know your allocated budget so as to ensure our proposal is grounded and accurate. Without knowing a project budget we’re unable to assess various potential offerings during the proposal process.

We sincerely appreciate the time you’ve taken to prepare and furnish this information. We’ll take a look at the details of your project as soon as we can. We’re excited to partner up with you!



We sincerely appreciate the time you’ve taken to prepare and furnish this information. We’ll take a look at the details of your project as soon as we can. We’re excited to partner up with you!











We envision the logo and site navigation being prominent in the header, making exploration as easy as possible. The footer should include contact details as we feel that’s what many of our site visitors will be looking for. We’d also like to have links to our Facebook and Twitter social media profiles as we use them to offer promotions quite often.


The home page needs to encompass the fact that we have multiple locations. Visitors will be coming from across the country to find out more about us, so each location needs to be given equal focus.



We’d like to explain a bit about whom we are using a paragraph or two of copy. We’d like to lead in to the subsections here as well by acting as a navigation to each of the pages within.



This page should act as an overview for the many people involved in making our business a reality. After including a paragraph or two of copy it should provide an overview of the sub-pages in this section by calling them out in some sort of treated navigation.



Our chefs are very important to our business. Many patrons will be finding our site by searching for the names of our chefs. We’d like each of our chefs to be included on this page with their name, their official title, a photo, and a biography that may be up to 3 or 4 paragraphs in length. We’d also like to call out how long each chef has been with the restaurant in some way.



This page won’t be as extensive as the Chefs page, but we’d like to include a photo, name, and short bio for each of the Owners. We’d also like to include contact information for each owner as well.



We would like to pay tribute to our investors by including their name, a quick explanatory paragraph, and a link to their website (if applicable).



The Menu section will include each of our menus in full detail. We have attached PDF versions of each for your reference. You can see that there are multiple sections, each with items available for order. Each item has a title, short description, and price. There are some items available in multiple quantities, each quantity having its own price. We don’t insist that the menu design or structure directly reflects the PDF version; we would like it to blend with the website and be extremely usable for our visitors.

Note: these menus encompass the items common to all of our locations.



Many of our patrons host events at our restaurants; we would like to streamline the facilitation of event hosting for our customers. The most common event types we have are Private Dining, Weddings, and Corporate Events, but each has a slightly different process and a different point of contact. The main Events page should include a couple paragraphs of copy explaining the overarching process of hosting an event at our restaurant, and what steps should be taken to host an event with us.



Hosting a private dining event with us is simply a more formal reservation for one of our private dining rooms. We will need to have a reservation system built that visitors can use to check availability for any of our private dining rooms based on date. Only one private dining event can be booked per night. Visitors should be able to make a reservation for a specific private dining room for a specific night after confirming its availability, and we require a ₹ 500/- deposit to confirm their reservation. Once the deposit has been received, the reservation system should block off that private dining room and notify our Director of Private Dining via email.



Weddings require the use of the entire restaurant, so we would like to utilize a similar reservation system as implemented for Private Dining to facilitate visitors checking to make sure the restaurant has not been previously booked for their wedding day. Once availability is confirmed, the visitor should be presented with a contact form to send a very brief note to our Wedding Coordinator for additional information. The form should include fields for name, email, and message.



Much like our Private Dining reservation system, Corporate Events will work in nearly the same way, except we are only able to host corporate events in a limited number of our private dining rooms. This limited availability should be reflected during the reservation process. Corporate Events block out an entire day, and also require a ₹ 2500/- deposit. Corporate Events are bundled with our catering program, so notifications of reservations should be sent both to our Director of Private Dining in addition to our Catering Manager.



We currently have four locations. While each follows the same underlying principles, they all have a unique feel. We need this to be reflected on each location’s page by giving each location a slightly unique design/ layout. Location pages (e.g. New York City, Dubai, Delhi, and Mumbai) will each incorporate the feel of their respective city. A main title should be included, along with a paragraph or two of copy, and perhaps more importantly a few photos of the location. Further, location-specific menu items need to be called out (that differ from the main Menu pages).



Our blog should have a main page with the most recent entries that has pagination to explore back-dated entries as well. We’d like to have comments on our articles, because we intend to offer various promotions that involve visitor interaction. Our posts should have categories as well, but not too many, maybe five or six at most.

Each entry will have a title, date, category list, main content (which may or may not include images/media), and a comment thread.





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